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Tactica Tau - Unleash your space commie!

Tactica Tau - Unleash your space commie!

If you're a follower of this blog you will no doubt have read up on my Tau at this year's Cancon. I know that many other players at the comp were left scratching their heads as to why I was bringing Tau to such a competitive competition but their was a logic to it. I've long stated unequivocally that in my mind Tau are a weak force in comparison to the top tier lists available and with a request from the TO that I show a degree of restraint with my list this year (as opposed to last year!) I figured I'd kill two birds one stone. 

I really enjoy my Tau, I like the fluff of the space commies and the model range that is coming out of onslaught is really fantastic in my mind so they are an army I would like to see do well.  We have a history in Australian comps though of seeing almost no Tau and that is largely a reflection of the list rather than access to minis. That said I really like what Matt Shadowlord is doing in his Viorla edition of Tau and I think his efforts could just lead to a version of Tau that is more competitive. This article then will focus on Matts revision rather than the approved version which like many others lists I rate as complete rubbish. There seems to be no realistic possibility of that list changing though so I'd suggest if you are a keen player of space commies then backing Matt with the reports and data he needs is your best chance. 

Core unit options

Fire warriors - with Tau more than many other lists we see lots of debate surrounding the most effective options and builds. Personally I prefer suits to fire warriors but I've seen fire warriors used to great effect too. If I were looking to include them I'd be focusing on them as a solid place to hide my ground based AA by throwing a skyray in with the devil fish. It could be s great place to hide your sup com as well though it doesn't have the advantage of being super tough or fearless and if you add a sup com odds are it will become a BTS so be careful in that respect. You will need to watch out for air assault formations especially. I've seen lots of versions where you throw in pathfinders for the markerlights, an ethereal for fearless or coordinate them with a tetra formation in order to do a hard hitting alpha strike unit. In my mind however you want to avoid failing into the trap of pouring points into this unit and just keep it simple. 

Crisis suits - My favourite core option by far but the warning here is that if you want to run lots of crisis suits you need to basically build your army around this structure. My Cancon build for example was all about suits in orcas dropping down to wreck stuff and it worked to some degree. Suits on the ground without an air transport option are just too slow and don't hit hard enough to really threaten much so I think their points are wasted and would be better spent on fire warriors.  I always invest in drones and sometimes invest in the cadre fireblade but that's about it unless you want to include a sup com. 

Support options
One thing about Viorla is that we are somewhat spoilt for options here, the real skill is in finding an effective synergy between units and then using them on table to maximise that potential. 

Xv104 riptide suits - they caused quite a stir when they dropped with lots of calls of OP (including myself much to my shame) but Matt has done a great job giving us a functional unit here that will feature in many Tau lists. They are expensive for what they do in my mind but no more than most things in Tau. 

Gunships - though there are a few options here in my mind the one that fills an obvious gap for Tau is the hammerhead variant. Long range Titan busting death that combines well with markerlights if you can arrange it. I generally take 1-2 units of these guys in various sizes, often with a skyray included 

Scouts - tetras and pirannas both have their uses to me, if nothing else they are cheap activation padders who add the always useful scout ability and markerlights if you can make them live long enough to put it out use. Experiment with your combinations and see if you would prefer units what rain down missiles at long range or units that focus on putting little red dots on important formations. 

Broadside battlesuits - these guys have always been a bit awkward to me. Given that we are looking at Viorla I'd suggest your points are better invested in either hammerheads or riptides rather than this unit that seems to sit on the fence between them. 

Skyrays - absolutely essential to include but much like hydras for gaurd I'd suggest you go with integrating a single into bigger formations than taking a unit of them all together because it's too vulnerable to breaking. 

KX-139 Supremacy Suits - these guys are fantastic, my Cancon build this year was lacking them largely due to laziness in modelling and I totally regret that. I consider taking two of them to be absolutely compulsory now to give you some long range hitting power. 

Stealth suits - one of those units I keep coming back too. I've tried them as deepstriking ambushers and now I run them with a fireblade in an orca for engagement. I wish they had an AT gun option to back their AP ability but I reckon they are a unit worth exploring. 

Pathfinders - much like skyrays I think  pathfinders are a good unit but you will find better synergies if you add them to core infantry rather than running them as full units by themselves 

Vespids - cool concept but not worth the points in my mind. Any sort of engage based unit that has zero armour won't find a role in my army and I reckon that fire warriors are a better option. 

KV-128 Stormsurge suits - much like vespids, I like the concept but there are better big suits for your points. 

Air caste formations 

Baracuda fighter bombers - much like thunderbolts these are a nice flexible unit that I tend to include every time. Lots of flexibility to use for CAP or ground attack 

Razorshark fighters - must admit I've never used them, to me barracudas have always looked the better option because of their flexibility 

Manta dropship - big fat war engine of death. Worth experimenting with for the assault support and interesting tactical options but overall to me it doesn't hit hard enough for its points. Certainly not as a shooting focussed unit. 

Orca transport - whether or not you include these will really depend on your build. I love orcas because they are cheap and effective for delivering crisis suits and stealth suits. Adding in the possibility of a sneaky turn 3 drop down to contest and objective they are great value in my build. I wish they had the extra hitting power of the thunderhawk because you can be stuck with something to do with them at times but they are still great. I totally recommend the pickup turn 1 drop turn 2 or 3 because that can be great for padding activations. 

Spacecraft - cheap and potentially effective, another auto include for me. Yes it sucks when the shots miss but the double TK shot is useful to me in basically every game. 

Tiger shark AX-10 - so good I wish I could take multiples. You will tend to only remember all the times it misses but with its hitting power and range it really covers what would have been a hole otherwise. 

Sunshark bomber squadron - personally I've never used them but I know plenty of Tau players who like these guys, especially if you are going super air heavy rather than the more engagement driven approach of my build. For me I think that the supremacy suits recently added give you enough long range artillery support without the risk of being aircraft. Sun sharks don't have the special rules like disrupt or ignore cover that others do which really makes a difference. 

Sample builds 
I've never mastered tau or found anyone who is hugely successful with them to tap into for tactics and builds but the best I can offer is a few builds assembled by myself and a guy named Norto who easily wears the crown of the best Tau general at this year's Cancon. 

Sample Build 1 - Castle Assault 2016

CRISIS BATTLESUIT CADRE [325] 4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'o
FIRE WARRIOR CADRE [225] 6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish
FIRE WARRIOR CADRE [225] 6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish
ARMOUR SUPPORT GROUP [375] ***BTS 4 Hammerhead Gunships (Ionhead), 2 extra Hammerhead Gunships (Ionhead), Skyray
ARMOUR SUPPORT GROUP [225] 4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)
ARMOUR SUPPORT GROUP [225] 4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)
ARMOUR SUPPORT GROUP [225] 4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)
RECON SKIMMER GROUP [175] 5 Tetra, Piranha
RECON SKIMMER GROUP [175] 5 Tetra, Piranha
RECON SKIMMER GROUP [175] 5 Tetra, Piranha
RECON SKIMMER GROUP [175] 5 Tetra, Piranha
RECON SKIMMER GROUP [175] 5 Tetra, Piranha
BARRACUDA SQUADRON [150] 2 Barracuda Fighters
BARRACUDA SQUADRON [150] 2 Barracuda Fighters

This was the build I fought against at Castle Assault last year, the bat rep is on the blog so you can check it out for yourself. You will note the veritable horde of tetras in the force which helped it do some interesting coordinated fire attacks. Note that technically this is not a Voir'la list it's standard Tau which is why there is that odd crisis suit team. You could easily adapt it to the new option and put your Shas'o into an infantry unit where he is much safer. 

Sample Build 2 - Cancon 2017
4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit unit, Shas'o Commander, 2 Gun Drones

Shas'el Commander, 5 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit unit, 2 Gun Drones

Shas'el Commander, 5 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit unit, 2 Gun Drones

4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead), Skyray

4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead), Skyray

4 Hammerhead Gunship (Railhead)

3 Pathfinder Tetra, 2 Piranha

3 Pathfinder Tetra, 2 Piranha

2 Barracuda Fighters



TIGER SHARK AX-1-0 [175]
1 Tiger Shark AX-1-0

1 Protector Class Cruiser

This was my build from this year's Cancon and although the theory was sound it didn't come together well. The basic principle is to do the real damage with well timed orca drops full of crisis suits but I found it lacked hitting power. Post Cancon I'm experimenting with more supremacy suit artillery support and putting stealth suits in to replace at least 1 crisis team to allow for a better engage hit out of the orca. 

Sample Build 3 - Cancon 2017 
6 Fire Warrior Units, 3 Devilfishes, Cadre Fireblade, Skyray

6 Fire Warrior Units, 3 Devilfishes

4 XV104 Riptides, Shas'o Commander

3 XV104 Riptides, Shas'el Commander

1 KX 139 Ta'unar Supremacy

1 KX 139 Ta'unar Supremacy

1 KX 139 Ta'unar Supremacy

2 Barracuda Fighters

2 Barracuda Fighters

TIGER SHARK AX-1-0 [175]
1 Tiger Shark AX-1-0

2 Sun Shark Bombers

1 Protector Class Cruiser
Weapons: 2 pin point attacks

This was another build from Cancon this year and did a little better overall than mine. Note that its far more focused on artillery and long range hitting power than orca drop attacks. Lots of air as welll and plenty of heavy armour options with a bit of infantry support too. Ultimately a very different design philosophy but it helps to illustrate the flexibility that Tau can present. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday Night double header! 
God Machines walk the earth again! 

 So two battle reports for you this week as the Epic crew came together to test out some of the new toys for Squats and Tau. You will notice a more explicit activation by activation format this time which is a reflection of what's needed for bat reps to support list development but I'll put a turn summary at the end of each one so that you can still get the narrative overview which is often lost in an activation by activation recount. 

Game 1 - Squats 1.6 Developmental Vs AMTL

The lists:

Squat Thunders w/ 4 Zerkers + 2 Thunderfires + Rhinos Squart Zerks w/ 4 Zerkers + Termites Squat Zerkers w/ Rhino 3 x Overlord Airship with Flak Autocannon Bikers Guild + Grand Warlord Bikers Guild Colossus w/ Living Ancestor + Flak Autocannon Land train w/ 2x Zerkers cars + Siege Mortar

The main changes in the new version of the list are the integration of thunderfires into the core warrior units, a slight points bump to the Berzerker units, a slight bump to the speed of bikers and a serious nerfing of the overlord airships. The war engines haven't changed hugely but the list now has much less long range firepower and potential for activation spam than it had before.

The Titans

Legio Gryphonicus (NetEA v3.24 *APPROVED*) ================================================== REAVER TITAN [675] Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Laser Blaster, Gatling Blaster REAVER TITAN [725] 2 Volcano Cannon, Laser Burner, Legate WARHOUND TITAN PACK [575] 3 Turbo-laser Destructor, Plasma Blastgun WARHOUND TITAN [300] 2 Inferno Gun, Single Weapon System Surcharge WARHOUND TITAN [275] Vulcan Megabolter, Plasma Blastgun CRUSADER SCOUT MANIPLE [150] 4 Crusader Robots THUNDERBOLT SQUADRON [150] 2 Thunderbolts THUNDERBOLT SQUADRON [150] 2 Thunderbolts

This is an interesting Titan build to me because it's warhound heavy rather than including triple reaver as most do in my experience. Even the reavers aren't overly loaded and you might notice the distinctive lack of plasma death reaver and double quake reaver. It makes for a much more aggressive and mobile titan force.

Game Setup

Turn 1
Squats win strat rolloff and give first turn to the Titans. 

Titans - robot unit on overwatch 
Squats moved bikes up to cover position behind large hill 
Titans - Gatling reaver doubles forward and snipes off two bikes. 
Squat thunderers went on to overwatch (blitzgaurd unit) 
Titans - inferno cannon warhound tripled forwards towards the central craters 
Squats - overlord doubled forwards to bring battlecannons in range stripping a single shield off the advancing warhound. 
Titans - warhound pack doubles forwards into ruins on the RHS unleashing a hail of turbo laser shots into the Squat Goliath stripping its shields but 3 remaining hits bounced off its resilient hide. 
Titans retain with the volcano reaver doubling forwards to blast the weakened Goliath blasting 4 DC off it, leaving it with 2 remaining. 
Squat land train sustained onto warhound pack (right) doing a single shield... 
Titan lone wolf standard warhound doubled to put a dc of damage onto the central overlord. 
Squat overlord advanced and shot standard warhound (centre) for 1 shield 
Titan thunderbolts bombed the wounded overlord which became broken and doubled forward. 
Squat overlord 3 advanced to shoot the lone wolf warhound taking another shield off. 
Titans last activation sees a second thunderbolt unit snipe off the broken overlord in the middle 
Squats finish the turn with a failed bike unit activation in the middle of the table (who would have engaged the lone wolf warlord with 2 overlords in support!) and a failed activation by the berserker unit in the middle 

Rally phase - everything on both sides rallied. 

On the left rhinos loaded with berzerkers square off against a warhound titan whilst on the right the "lone wolf" warhound breaths out, overlords came to the party but the biker unit failed to activate so that engage never happened. 

Turn summary - a fairly conservative advance and posturing for positioning but you can see the squats poised to strike some key engagements and ultimately robbed of some key opportunities in the first turn. The changes to the new squat list also came through heavily with the reduced range on the overlords making them advance more aggressively and expose themselves to more risk. The warhound/volcano reaver move was really well planned and potentially devastating but the colossus would live to see turn 2. So much would come down to the activation roll in turn 2.  

Turn 2 

Squats win strat roll again! 
Squat Goliath marshals regaining its void shields and shedding blast markers. Whilst remaining behind the woods 
Squats retain and launch an engagement with the central berserker unit breaking a warhound and taking a DC off it at the same time (photo) 
Titan volcano reaver sidesteps to draw a bead on an overlord bringing it down with a crit
Titans retain for the warhound pack to advance and take 2DC off the last overlord using turbolasers (1 supressed) 
Squats advance with the Land train up next to lone wolf warhound in the middle dropping a single shield with their firepower 
Squats retain with the bike unit who failed to activate last turn to engage the warhound killing it with the support fire of the train to help. 
Titan thunderbolts fly through the colossus autocannon flak to snipe the last DC off the broken overlord. 
Squat bikers on the left double advance to make a screen against the leftmost reaver (photo)
Titans - the same reaver Titan steps slightly to the side to engage the berserker  formation who killed the warhound earlier and took up positions in the crater. Who were wiped from the board despite squats rolling double 6 and the reaver rolling double 1... the reaver takes up position on the central objective. 
Squats Blitzgaurd berserker formation advances double into the central killing ground to threaten the reaver who just wiped out their brethren. Blitz gaurd duties left with the thunder fire cannons who would remain quiet due to clear skies in their sector. 
Titan robots and thunderbolts would finish off the turn by both failing to activate. 

On the left everything is turning messy as squats pour out of everywhere to challenge the reaver whilst the right looks a lot more safely in the hands of the god machines. 

Rally phase - everything on both sides rallied 

Turn 2 summary - a much more dramatic turn with one warhound going down to engagement and another broken but rallying. 3 overlords would snuff it too as their reduced range combined with their permanently popped up rules would see them targeted heavily by Titan firepower. Interestingly only one was killed outright with the others being killed whilst broken already to blast marker overkill. Berserkers forwards into more aggressive positions would also make for an interesting turn 3 and squats  would use the newly improved speed to great use in engagement. 

Turn 3 
Berserkers pop out of their tunnellers right under the central crater where the left most reaver is sitting leaving 1 reaver to contest half a table by itself. Ouch. 
Titans win the roll off and launch a decisive blow with the warhound pack who use their recharged plasma blastgun and turbolasers to finish off the squat colossus (BTS) 
Titans retain with the leftmost reaver who flees the tide of berserkers popping out of the ground casually annihilating the left most bike unit during its flight with Gatling laser death. 
Squat land train would advance on the right hand side putting a blast marker on the warhound guarding the Titan blitz followed by a retain with the biker unit who engage the warhound breaking it and watching it double forwards to block squats from advancing to the leftmost objectives. (Photo) 

Game called 2-1 Titans favour at this point. Titans have BTS and Defend the Flag, squats have Defend the flag and no chance of contesting more objectives with their remaining activations. 

Turn 3 Summary - A really aggressive turn but not one that worked out well for the squats. Having lost most of their firepower with the overlords and the colossus going down without inflicting much it was all about engagements to make decisive moves this round. Fearless titans don't die to FF engagements though so the question was more about board control and positioning and the titans just had too much of a lead for those engagements squats did win to make a difference. Squats take one more step towards final extinction.

                       Game 2 - Tau Voir'la Vs AMTL
The Army

Tau Voir’la 3000pts
5x Crisis Battlesuits + Drones + Supreme Commander
5x Crisis Battlesuits + Drones
Recon Skimmers – 4 Tetras and 1 Piranna
Recon Skimmers – 4 Tetras and 1 Piranna
Stealth Teams – 6 Suits + Cadre Fireblade + Drones
Supremacy Suit
Supremacy Suit
6 Hammerhead Gunships + Skyray (BTS Formation)
Orca Transport
Orca Transport
Tigershark AX-10

Baracudda Fighters

The basic Tau plan was to spread the titans out at much as possible and they clearly had the opposite intention to group together and focus on half the board. 

Turn 1
Titans win initiative
Kick off turn with a failed thunderbolt cap roll who stand down. 
Tau show them how it's done by putting barracudas on cap. 
Titans fail to learn lesson by failing to cap with the second unit thunderbolts but the sup com steps in to end the shenanigans. 
Tau begin operation slow bro by bringing on an orca to pick up a unit of something at the end of the turn. 
Titans play the stalling game moving putting crusader bots around 
Tau play it better by mirroring the crusaders with their tetra unit that generally goes in a circle on the spot. 
Titan Gatling reaver advances double into the central terrain piece. 
Tau continue to stall with stealth teams moving around in a circle. 
Titan with volcanos doubles forward and snipes off two of the right most tetras at extreme range breaking the unit. 
Tau suits with sup com on my left sneak forward behind the craters to contest the leftmost objective. 
Titan warhound pack triple moves into the tau half on the RHS 
Tau crisis suits wander around to get into the previously landed orca. 
Titan inferno warhound doubles up to hide behind his reaver friends. 
Tau orca no2 lands to collect the stealth team ready to fly off again 
Titan lone wolf warhound tripled forwards to threaten the tau blitz. 
Tau are all on their own now. Tetras advance, hammerheads reposition, supremacy suits both sustain on the volcano cannon reaver dropping 3 of its shields and the ax10 finishes the turn with a colossal 2 hits (1 shield) on the volcano reaver. 

Rally phase - orcas leave uncontested as does the AX10. Thunderbolts take flak but survive it. The volcano reaver sheds all blast markers due to having a legate and the tau tetra unit fails to rally. 

Turn Summary - Tau largely stall for turn 1 using their activation advantage to seek an opportunity to do some notable damage. Sadly the titans were hugging the hell out of area terrain in the middle limiting the Tau capacity to do much real damage. The BTS felt super vulnerable and I couldn't seem to get markerlights and follow up shots to work well together meaning the damage I was doing was fairly superficial. The Orcas were all loaded up now so some good hits could be coming next turn. 

Both sides have essentially square off and take ground with titans up one end of the board and tau down the other trying to find ways to take good shots with minimal risk. 

Turn 2 
Tau win intitiative and use a supremacy suit to snipe the regenerated shield off the volcano reaver (BTS) 
Titans Marshall the volcano reaver who regens all his shields again
Titans retain with the thunderbolts on Cap who fail again. 
Tau sup com crisis suits continue to advance up the extreme left of the field. 
Titans warhound pack doubles forwards onto the undefended tau Blitz and blast the activated supremacy suit who dies to plasma death. 
Tau supremacy suit sustains on the second reaver doing nothing. 
Titan thunderbolts go onto Cap after the sup com steps in again. 
Tau hammerheads pop up to shoot the warhounds camping on our blitz but manage only a single scratch. 
Titan double inferno doubles forward to snipe the broken supremacy suit killing it with  blast markers and wiping out the broken tetras with the same. 
Tau respond with an orca worth of crisis suits who drop down to blast that warhound into oblivion with markerlight macro and conventional shots. 
Titan crusader scouts go on overwatch 
Tau barracudas fly on to blast the crusaders off their bts doing 3 hits which all bounce off the 6+ armour saves... what tha?
Titans respond with an aggressive Gatling reaver advance which targets the suits who just dropped out of the orca killing 2 and breaking the unit through disrupt hits. 
Tau tetras advance on the double to markerlight the warhounds sitting on the Tau blitz. 
Titan lone wolf Titan doubles forwards and evaporates two scout tetras with his plasma and Vulcan bolter 
Tau stealth suits land to engage the warhound Titans on the blitz inflicting a wound but losing 2 in return. They win combat by 2 but lose the roll off and get broken with the Titans now in firm control of the blitz. This would essentially be the game losing move for the Tau. 
The AX10 came on under the flak bubble of the skyray who shoots down a thunderbolt but the ax10 succumbs to the remaining thunderbolt. 
The spaceship finishes the turn but managing 2 hits on the unsheidled warhound Titan pack and then manages two single TK damage which reduces one of them to a wound but kills nothing. Breaking the unit. Stupid spaceship. 

Rally phase - Tau stealth suits rally but the central crisis suits fail as do the remaining tetras 

Game called due to time with an agreement that the Titans have a safe hold on the Tau Blitz and take and hold objectives. They were also in good chance to take the tau BTS so it's really a question of whether it's 2-0 or 3-0. 

Turn Summary - A really tough turn for Tau overall. In my mind the build that I'm running lives or dies on a few key engagements. The first orca drop did it's job with markerlights helping them to wipe out a warhound titan nicely though having them broken by some above average shooting hurt a lot. When all the hits bounced off the crusader robots holding the bltiz that objective got shut down hard and the stealth team bouncing as well just really nailed the lid on the ol coffin. Two more broken titan formations and tau troops positioned to threaten more objectives would have helped the original plan to spread them out but with the losses we took that just wasn't an option and the Titans could concentrate on a few key objectives easily. All things considered the same pattern I've encountered with Tau so far just played out again, they just don't hit hard enough in my mind and I'm yet to find a build that can do that. 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Resetting the balance in competitive Epic Armageddon

Resetting the balance in competitive Epic Armageddon

If you’ve been following my articles for a while you will no doubt have identified an undercurrent of concern with aspects of army balance. Whilst I strive to present tactical and list design options to support developing players to improve in the game we all love I do ultimately end up in the same spot every time, there is only so much you can realistically do when some armies are clearly so much more powerful than others. I’ve also discovered a clear disconnect between the metas around the world with a very different interpretation of these power levels between countries.

       So the challenge then is multifold, a need to fix balance in a way that will support a positive mindset towards our game in a competitive setting and one that can be easily applied to different contexts. Changing lists isn’t particularly effective as there seems to be a mindset of preservation of the original lists as if they were handed down like a sacred text. New lists and modifications are also prone to imbalance and aren’t really helping the issue in my mind. The solution then needs to be simple, flexible and local. I think back to good ol 7th edition Warhammer Fantasy which in my mind will always be the peak of tournament gaming for a variety of reasons similar to Epic. That said though we struggled with the same central issues. In those days armies like Dark Eldar and Vampire Counts were the pinnacle of the power pyramid while Orks and Beastmen were struggling to get a run.

       In those days we had the same central issue, couldn’t live with the imbalance, couldn’t change the lists. Lots of different systems were tried from player based composition and panel judged systems that would impose penalties on the final scores of tough lists. Arbitrary restrictions on what could be included were also tried but nothing really did the job until someone came up with this gem. Instead of tournament points adjustments weaker armies were allowed to have a higher cap on the points used for army selection, giving them a boost on the table rather than in the final scores. The same system could theoretically be applied to Epic. It would look something like this.

Top Tier Lists
Biel Tan, Iyanden, DKOK etc
Total Army Points
3000 pts
Mid-Tier lists
Baran Siege Masters, Voirla Tau, Emperor’s Children, Space Wolves
Total Army Points
3150 pts
Lower Tier Lists
Steel Legion, Ghazghull Warhorde, Standard Tau, Codex Astartes
Total Army Points
3300 pts

This is just a really basic idea, discussion starter at best. The beauty of this system is that it’s super easy to tailor to each individual meta. In Europe where Codex Marines and Black Legion are said to be doing well their table might look very differently to down here in Australia. It could easily be tweaked between comps if a new meta emerged too. Either way the intent would be the same to encourage variety in the armies attending our tournaments, and doing well at them in order to foster a great feeling and grow our hobby.

Just food for thought.