Sourcing Epic Terrain

Where to grab some Epic Terrain!

On this page I'll attempt to gather together a comprehensive list of sources for some great 6mm terrain to suit a range of budgets. If you find somewhere that I haven't included share the link in the comments below, having the best list we can is in everyone's interest! 

Grabbing a Mat or board cover
So many excellent epic tables start with the mat underneath. If you are on a budget just grab a piece of cloth from you’re local supplier, usually under $10. If you’ve got the cash though some nice looking mats from one of these guys will really make the table awesome.


Now for some Buildings

An excellent source of laser cut epic buildings, perfect scale and great quality and delivery

Laser Cut Card

Technically the terrain on here is designed for 28mm games but I've found that some of their Necron and Chaos options are fantastic for being large buildings in Epic. If you are on a budget these guys are great value and even though there marerials are card rather than wood I've found them tough enough to be chucked in a box. 

Wasteland Game Studios

I've bought a stack of buildings through wasteland and have always been totally happy with the quality and service. They are the core of a table I'm currently working on so there will be plenty of pictures around. A very active range too with new designs coming regularly. At time of writing I've just spotted an interesting looking range of roads... 



This group have interesting resin buildings and also some brilliant accessories that really help to add character to terrain pieces. There are Australian distributors if you are a local! I've found both their 6mm and 15mm scale stuff is good depending on what you're purpose is. 


Battlescene Designs
(Also available through Vangaurd miniatures) 

Battlescene have an extensive range of laser cut wooden buildings that are super easy to assemble and have reasonable detail. The buildings are a fair bit larger than those from Wasteland or X-Marx and make excellent centrepieces to break up lines of sight across you're table. They are also an excellent source of trench lines and bunkers (if you go to Vangarud they have excellent AA/Artillery emplacements too. I'll showcase some of their fantastic work in my write up on fortifications soon.

Horizon Creations (3D Printed)

If you are looking for something more exotic and don't mind spending some coin grab some Tyranid towers or crystal formations. 


Secret Weapon Miniatures

Another group that is technically producing 28mm scale materials but I grabbed a couple of unique pieces that go well with my Imperial and Necron tables. 


Daemonscape Designs

Some interesting collections that could fill entire tables along with some cool little vehicles and other thematic pieces that would go well on a range of tables. Worth noting this group also sells a good range of trenches and bunkers. 

Armourcast Battlefield Scenery

Buildings, crystals, rock formations and other thematic bits and bobs.

Gamecraft Miniatures

These guys have a huge range of 6mm terrain options categorised into different styles of buildings suitable for desert/forest/city etc. 

Rocks, Roads and Trees
For more generic items like trees and roads there are a heap of great options. A couple of examples are below

Battlefiled in a Box
This range also has some awesome generic bits and pieces, I've grabbed their toxic pools and rocky formations along with their defence lasers. 


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