Thursday, 17 November 2016

Getting started with Epic Armageddon

Getting started with Epic Armageddon

The best way to keep our game alive and kicking is to build our community up and that comes down to all of us, there's no big company pushing for growth with a pile of stores anymore so what's the best way to go about it... here's my suggestion.

Step 1 - Play a game: I can't say I learnt much in my years working for GW but one thing I took away was that if you want to get anyone enthused about your game system the best way to do it is to play. Minigedddon was designed for exactly this, put together a couple of simple armies and run your friend through the basics. Sitting down with the actual rule book can come later, once they've had a couple of minigeddon games under their belt.

Grab the Epic Minigeddon Rules PDF here 

Step 2 - Make the appropriate introductions - one of the big problems with out system is that there is no official face to it anymore, Taccoms can be a pretty unhealthy place to start but there are some great FB groups around you could invite your friend too. It's also important to share contacts for getting minis, if you're serious about the game you no doubt know a range of places to get models both offical sources like onslaught and some of the backyard producers... being told to trawl for stuff on eBay at the ridiculous prices people ask for stuff that is readily available in recast/proxy is not going to enthuse your new friend. Lend them whatever they need to play and see what you can do to hook them up with their first purchase.


Step 3 - Show them the blog - this blog is a great place to go for new players, in the links section they will find some awesome bat reps to read through and see how the game works, in the tactics pages they will find army building advice. There's a page devoted to sourcing all the new models they could ever ask for and another one about sourcing and building tables. So this page is a really excellent source for new players.

Step 4  - Slow Grow! - everyone needs a bit of motivation to get their armies together and painted armies are so much more satisfying to play with and against than unpainted. Painting 6mm however can be a little daunting to begin with. Get together with your mate and encourage them to paint up their stuff with a subtle 1000pts a month challenge and see those minis get some colour.


Step 5 - more games! Maybe even a tournament or a campaign!

The final step is simple, you've got an army together go out and play some games, remember to keep it fun and casual. Quite often we hear complaints from people about how they want to use big formations/Titans but can't win with them because their opponents use hordes of activations and so forth. The simple suggestion is to recognise that this game in many ways isn't balanced, if you want it to be interesting don't always play the tournament scenario, play different points values, play different missions, there's heaps around and they will absolutely improve your gaming time.

Good luck and have fun

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